Edgewater Project

Edgewater, projected to open in 2020, will be a multi-family apartment building situated above the Beacon train station.  Edgewater's small footprint  maximizes the park-like green space upon which it sits. Native grasses and trees will replace invasive species that had overtaken this abandoned property.  This eco-landscaping will conserve water and improve drainage.

Residents will have easy walks to both Main Street and Beacon Station. Three electric cars will be reserved for residents' use. The design includes storage space and racks for bikes. With these amenities, residents will have a decreased need for cars, further contributing to a walkable Beacon.

Edgewater’s design includes amenities created to enhance its residential community. There is a planned 5,000 sq. ft. co-working space for freelancers, virtual workers and other residents who want a professional place to focus. 

Outside there will be shared grills, tables, seating and an all-season glassed-in reading room. Rooftop space will be provided for social and Edgewater community events.

Layouts designed to accommodate the varying needs of all age groups are planned, ranging from studios to multi-bedroom units.