Our Team


Rodney Weber

Weber’s past projects include land development, apartments, energy-efficient homes, mixed-use and commercial development.  He is known for his environmental integrity, work quality and emphasis on construction safety.  Weber’s goal is to provide both dwelling and light-industrial job space that promotes fiscal, social and environmentally responsible growth in the Hudson Valley.

Weber’s first hard hat was a hockey helmet he wore at age 6 after his Dad accidentally dropped a hammer on his head during a home improvement project. His early passions included engineering and aeronautics. In order to raise capital for his initial development projects, Weber worked as a model and actor.  That career allowed him to live in Europe and travel extensively around the world, honing his aesthetic and understanding of built environments.

Weber now enjoys time spent studying the city of Beacon, in order to understand its infrastructure needs of today and tomorrow.

Tina Andress

Tina began with a career in public service in the Mid-Hudson Valley Region over 16 years ago. Past work on Code Enforcement, Conservation, and with the Zoning Board of Appeals (2002 - 2015) gave her extensive knowledge of what is needed to ensure that projects are kept on task and that they meet  Municipal and Federal requirements.

Spending much of her time on site, Tina knows first-hand the criteria necessary to meet project deadlines while staying within the projected budget.

Prior to her work with Weber Projects, LLC, Tina was a CEO Advisor to Construction Business Startups. She consulted on varied environmental, job safety, and permitting requirements for her clients' construction projects.


Mike Haimes
Partner, Technical Development

Haimes was hire #4 at Dropbox, Inc. He then graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Haimes found Weber Projects, LLC when he was looking for a way to invest in projects that were tangible, long-term, socially responsible, and environmentally positive.

Now a Beacon resident, Haimes fills a variety of roles for Weber Projects, LLC, including but not limited to working on 3D Visualizations and consultation on technical matters. Haimes has completed various projects including upgrading building security, Office IT and A/V infrastructure. Above all else, he hopes to contribute to a bright commercial future for Beacon.