11 Creek Drive


18,600 Sq. Ft. Residential
6 Units

This conversion, which brought six spacious condos to the market, helped bring new vibrancy to the East End of Main Street.

Weber Projects, LLC worked with federal, state and local authorities to landscape this property and to begin construction of a public greenway trail along Fishkill Creek.


Condos in this flagship property have been featured in design magazines for their fresh interpretation of industrial chic. The units feature original brick exteriors and wide-open naturally lit interiors.

2013-01-08 15.38.08.jpg


This long-neglected industrial site was an auto salvage yard when Weber Projects, LLC bought the property in September 2014.

edited 11 creek.jpg


Although the more economical solution would have been to tear the building down, as allowed by law, Weber Projects, LLC instead undertook a dynamic reuse of the industrial space.